Weekend winner – Member Interview 24th & 25 July 2015

We all see the name at the top of the weekly winners sheet but lets find out some more from them – Weekly winner Darren Stewart answers a few questions…

Name: Darren Stewart
Handicap before: 16.5
Handicap after: 11.8

At what point during your round did you think you were going to have a good score?
Never! The trademark collapse always loomed large.

Did you get nervous at all?
Not really – I’m well used to collapsing by now.

Best shot of the round was?
They were all great shots given the scale of the hangover!

Any bad shots?
• One or two – Rattling straight into the 6th tee safety mesh from the Par 3 14th springs to mind.

How long are you a member of Bangor Golf Club?
• 1 year, almost to the day.

What is your favourite hole on the course and why?
• I’d have to say the 18th – it’s always the closest hole to the 19th!

What is your favourite course ever played?
• Hamilton Island GC, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland. Fantastic part of the world.

What one course do you want to play at?
• Possibly Pebble Beach. That may change about 3 holes in though….

Your favourite club in your bag is?
• At the minute my Ping Glide Wedges, although that’s not to say the very same clubs won’t be on eBay next week!

Have you ever had a hole in one?
• Yes, several on the Xbox. Oh, in real life you mean? Then no.

Favourite professional golfer and why?
• Probably Pablo Larrazabal at the minute – you have to respect a man who gets chased down into a lake by hornets and goes on to birdie the hole – now that’s impressive!

Your ideal 4 ball?
• Quite happy with my current 4 ball – good bunch of lads! I’d have to say though playing with Bill Murray, Stevie Gerrard and our Rors would be some craic. I’d have Frostbit Boy (GRRRR…) caddying of course.

Q&A with Captain Bobby Gray


Many of you know our Captain Bobby Gray but we thought we should delve a bit more into this man who never seems to be away from the club. We put together some questions that will hopefully give you a better understanding of Captain  bgray

When did you join Bangor Golf Club?

What attracted you to join Bangor GC?
I lived beside 13th hole at the time but also Friends who were members plus the attractions of a good course in the centre of town.

Can you remember your handicap when you joined?
They gave me 16

What is your handicap now?
12 (once got to 6)

Have you seen much change with the course or club during your time here?
Yes the look of the course has changed dramatically with it now looking a well-wooded course it was much more wide open when I joined. Also the condition is now superb, drainage and new green maintenance has created an excellent playing course. When I joined there was an entirely different winter course.

Also we have lost a great hole – the old twelfth due to pressure on our boundaries.

The club has grown in playing numbers and the clubhouse has changed with new snooker room, upgraded function room etc

 13thbangor What is your favourite hole on the course and why?The 13th just the best golf hole on the course.

What is your least favourite hole on the course and why?
16th – always birdie it when I have a bad card, and double bogey it when I have a good one (at least that is the way it seems


If you could make one change to a hole what would it be?
Improve the twelfth, so we can use whole green and make front more challenging. (Would also like 16 to be a long par four to improve our handicaps)

What is your favourite course played?
No doubt, Royal County Down is everything a great course should be. It has a superb location and is a great test of golf.

Your favourite club in your bag is?
At the minute none of them! It used to be the pitching wedge.

Have you ever had a hole in one?
Yes I have had 2, one at our twelfth and one at Carnalea’s fifteenth. Four iron at twelfth and 5 iron at Carnalea

What is your best memory in playing golf?
It has to be Winning Captains Day and the Trustees Cup in the same year.

Who is your favourite professional golfer and why?
Jack Nicklaus, everything I admire in a great sportsman. Dedicated to his pursuit of excellence, a total competitor who also respects the civilities of the game. Never a backward step always try was his driving force. His win at Augusta when he was 46 was one of the great sporting moments.

Who would be in your ideal 4 ball?
Hard question, most people I play this great game with provide great company and enjoyment. From my other great sporting love it would have to be 3 great cricketers – Ricky Ponting who plays of -1.5, Viv Richards 9 and Brian Lara who plays off 8. I would then partner up with Ponting to win the money and spend all that time talking to true legends. Also recently played with BJ Kissock, John Neill and Stephen Gordon at RCD a great fourball

Finally, what will be your favourite memory of your year in Captaincy?
The friendship of members, sharing the excitement of watching our teams compete and hopefully a win in the All Ireland mixed foursomes, but if asked for just one it would be a great Captain’s Day with a great winner.


Many thanks to our Captain for taking the time and effort to answer the questions put to him

Bangor Tourism Week – 9th – 16th August

Tourism week will run this year from 9th to 16th August and includes loads of different formats.

Sunday 9th Men’s & Ladies Open Stableford

Monday 10th Open 4BBB Ladies & Gents 4BBB Stableford

Tuesday 11th Juvenile Open 8.30 – 1.30 9 hole stableford 2pm – 7pm

Wednesday 12th Ladies & Gents open Seniors & Veterans Stableford

Thursday 13th Men’s & Ladies open Stableford

Friday 14th Men’s & Ladies Texas Scramble team event

Saturday 15th Men’s & Ladies open Stroke

Sunday 16th Open Mixed Greensomes Stableford


Booking online opens on Wednesday 1st July @ 10am

Book Online Here
Please note that payment will be deducted from your Debit / Credit card at the time of booking.

Slow Play – How we can help speed up our round of golf

When golfers hear the words “slow play,” their blood pressure spikes and images of dithering idiots leap to mind: the Tour-pro wannabe who takes six full practice swings every time, the 25-handicapper who waits for the green to clear on a par-five, 240 yards away, before dribbling his shot 50 yards.

Slow play tip 1: The main cause of slow play is golfers not being prepared to play when it is their turn. Base everything you do on the course – writing up the scorecard, telling that anecdote, checking the course planner – around your turn to hit, not vice versa.

Slow play tip 2: Assess your approach shot as you are walking to the ball. Take the advice of Julius Boros, who won three Majors and reckoned that “by the time you get to your ball, if you don’t know what to do with it, try another sport”.

Slow play tip 3: Whenever possible, read your putt whilst others are putting. Don’t wait until it is your turn to putt to start this process.

Slow play tip 4: Keep your hole score as you play. In Stableford this means you know if it is time to pick up. Also how often do we wait as two players are still on the green ahead having holed out, pointing hither and thither obviously working out the shots taken.

Slow play tip 5: Place your bag by the exit to the green to the next tee. That way you don’t eat up time walking back to collect your bag.

Slow play tip 6: Play a provisional ball if you are in doubt as to whether you will find your ball. That way you don’t have to waste time walking back to repeat the shot.

Slow play tip 7: In foursomes, the players who are not playing that shot can walk down the course in preparation to play the next shot.

Slow play tip 8: If playing socially, are you happy to play ‘ready golf’, whereby the first who is ready on the tee plays?

Slow play tip 9: Do you really need all those practice swings? Do they actually help you, or are they merely a habit or an affectation?

Slow play tip 10: Walk quicker. Yes, it can sometimes be that simple.

Club Competitions now online

We are now able to show all club competitions via the Masters Scoreboard. You can access this via the Members section of the website and click on Competition Results.

Current competitions located online –

Connor Cup 2015
Gerry Fox 4BBB 2015
Jordan Shield 2015
Stephenson Cup 2015
Trustees Cup 2015
Victor & Ruth Salter 2015

We plan to update the scores as often as possible

Match News

Ladies Senior Cup
On Sunday 10th May we travelled to Clandeboye to take on Lurgan but unfortunately we lost our match which put us in the plate competition, this was later in the afternoon and the waiting around wasn’t ideal but we went out against Malone and recorded an excellent 3&2 win. This put us into the final against Royal Belfast which took place the following morning.
The match couldn’t off been tighter with two matches going to ties holes, in the end we were very unlucky to lose out.
The ladies performed very well in trying conditions and congratulations to them all.

Ladies Senior Foursomes
We have a very tough match away at Royal Portrush and came away 3 matches down, we have it all to do this Thursday 21st May at home. It will be a tough match but I know the team will give it their all as always.

Jacque Hamilton

Irish Mixed Qualifying
On Sunday 17th May we travelled to Knock to take part in this year’s qualifying tournament. Eleven teams took part with only the top four teams progressing through to the match play stages.
Finishing positions: 1st – Knock with 301.5, 2nd Bangor with 305.3, Donaghadee with 307.5 and Holywood in 4th place with 315.
The draw placed Bangor against Donaghadee with the match to be played again at Knock by the 8th June.
Andrew Moore and Rea McGuigan recorded the best score of the whole competition with a 71! Made even better when you consider the weather conditions and how fast the greens were after being rolled earlier that morning.
Thanks to all those supporters who travelled up for the day, it’s great having your support.
We feel we have a strong team this year and welcome all the support for the match (details to be announced when date decided)

Paul & Suzie

Holt Shield
The Holt Shield Team have a match at home this Sunday 24th May against Holywood with a 2pm tee off time. The team is Alex Stewart, Andy Cousins, Corrie McAllister, Ryan Young and Chris Yates.
All support welcomed
Paul Wimpress



Upcoming fixtures

Thursday 21st May 2015:
Ladies Junior Foursomes v Hilton – venue Bangor, tee time 2.15pm
Ladies Senior Foursomes v Royal Portrush – venue Bangor, tee time 4.02pm

Saturday 23rd May 2015:
Ladies Miele v Antrim – venue: Bangor, tee time 4.36pm

Sunday 24th May 2015:
Senior Cup Qualifying – venuw: Royal Belfast, tee time 9.20am
Holt Shield v Holywood – venue: Bangor, tee time 2.00pm

Sunday 31st May 2015:
Ulster Cup v Ballyclare – venue Bangor, tee time 2.30pm
Junior Cup Qualifying – venue Bangor

Sunday 7th June 2015:
Ulster Cup v Ballyclare – venue Ballyclare, tee time 3.00pm

If your not doing anything these days the teams would love your support. Good luck to all the teams playing